Precision-Guided Detection


CYREBRO collaborated with Google Cloud to design a security data lake & detection engine for its MDR solution, and provide you with world class security.
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Leading the Evolution of MDR

How can you maintain fast detection and response with an ever-growing attack surface?

We collaborated with Google Cloud to deliver an advanced security data lake and detection engine, capable of taking in more data while shortening detection times.
The key to fast incident response is knowing where to focus: precision detection.

What’s the bottom line?

  • Shortened Mean Time To Detect (MTTD)
  • Reduced Time To Value (TTV)
  • Fewer false positives
  • Faster response to threats

    Lightning-fast detection puts you a step ahead of attackers, minimizing disruption and lost productivity.

  • Focused mitigations

    Pinpoint mitigation steps prioritizing genuine threats, allowing you to neutralize them decisively.

  • Reduced false positives

    Precise detection engine that eliminates false alerts, freeing you to focus on what actually matters.

Hear from CYREBRO CTO, Ori Arbel, about the new infrastructure!

Watch as Ori explains why and how we built the new infrastructure with Google Cloud, to deliver precision-guided detection. From ML to AI and most importantly, what’s in it for our clients.


What is CYREBRO's new infrastructure?

For over a year CYREBRO has been building a new, proprietary infrastructure. We collaborated with Google Cloud to design a proprietary data lake; delivering an advanced detection engine and SIEM-like capabilities. A major aspect is the application of AI and ML to the processes of ingestion and detection, dramatically increasing detection precision, and creating unified ingestion of data in a fraction of the time.

What challenge is CYREBRO solving with this new infrastructure?​

Detection and response solutions are starting to cast really wide nets when it comes to scope of coverage to deal with the growing attack landscape – which is important – but this makes it more challenging to quickly normalize all the data into a single structure and framework, as well as prioritize, correlate, and eliminate non-threatening events. So CYREBRO created a single data lake to query all the events in a unified lingo.​

What are the benefits of this new infrastructure?

The new infrastructure will reduce solution time to value for clients; from days to just minutes, and onboarding will be seamless and smooth. Once an organization is up and running with CYREBRO, they will have drastically improved operational visibility, and it will be easy to add more data sources whenever they wish without friction.

How are AI and ML built into to the infrastructure?

AI and ML have become buzz words, but most providers aren’t actually applying AI in ways that make a difference. CYREBRO built AI and ML natively into its detection engine to be able to ingest the data, normalize, parse, and enrich it through automated processes that we built. It helps us to focus on more getting insights from the data, much faster.

Why did CYREBRO choose Google Cloud for this collaborative effort?

Google Cloud are leaders in data analysis, and they shared our vision of creating the most advanced threat detection engine, capable of taking in and correlating more data than ever before. They give CYREBRO the freedom to customize and mix their off the shelf components so we can build our own, based on our clients’ needs. Google Cloud allows CYREBRO to take in more data than any MDR on the market, in a fraction of the time.

Is the infrastructure proprietary?

CYRBERO’s new infrastructure is powered by GCP, BigQuery, and other Google products, but the infrastructure is proprietary, meaning we will not be dependent on third-party technology. It’s important to note; it’s not Google Chronicle. Chronicle is Google’s off-the-shelf SIEM product. Instead, we’re utilizing GCP to host our own SIEM-like design and build (which goes way beyond SIEM capabilities).

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