State-level MDR Solution

Know what matters what it means when it‘s done Always

CYREBRO is the core of your company’s cybersecurity, providing a first-of-its-kind MDR. You are secured with enterprise-grade security no matter the size of your business; our managed detection and response ensures fast and effective incident response, 24/7/365 monitoring, mitigation of cyber threats, and proactive threat intelligence.

  • Full Visibility

    Connecting to all of your security technologies in one place, see all your security events and what they mean with complete clarity and prioritization

  • Cyber Brain

    Proprietary detection algorithms strategically monitor, analyze and interpret consequences of events across all your security solutions and business environments

  • Interactive Platform

    Actionable mitigation steps inside the platform so you can make smart decisions whether you’re securing one business or many

Integrating all your security tools and technologies

Transforming cybersecurity chaos into meaningful clarity

Proactive Security Defense

So you always know what matters & what to do

Proactive Detection

Security Operations

Response Services

Proactive Security Defense

So you always know what matters & what to do

Proactive Detection

Security Operations

Response Services



    CYREBRO proactively searches through your networks, endpoints, and databases to hunt down malicious, suspicious, or risky activities that have evaded existing security tools, giving you an added layer of advanced protection.


    Continuous Indication of Compromise (IOC) based on granular contextual information and data mining tools provides highly accurate proactive alerts



How CYREBRO’s cyber brain turns chaos into clarity

See and make sense of all your cybersecurity events in our SOC Platform

  • Automatic integration with all systems & sources
  • Instant contextual analysis
  • Simple real-time recommendation

There is a cyber attack every 39 seconds.
No one is immune.

  • 146 days

    146 days
    into minutes

    time to resolution

    It takes even the smartest cybersecurity humans 146 days to identify a malicious attack. CYREBRO takes minutes. And you don’t need to ask.

  • 93%

    93% of attacks

    compromise assets in minutes

    Immediate root cause identification and effective mitigation radically reduces costly downtime of critical systems and business operations.

  • $4.4M

    average cost

    of a data breach*

    Cybercrime costs even small and medium business more than $2M a year. Prevent the high cost of stolen data, compromised infrastructure, ransoms, and reputation damage.

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