Proactive security demands digital forensic investigation

Reduce business risks by relying on a proactive security strategy that incorporates digital forensic investigation processes led by a team of experts.

Minimize the impact of an attack

If an attack occurs, it’s imperative to quickly isolate and eradicate the threat, and ensure it can’t happen again. CYREBRO’s digital Corporate forensic investigation capabilities are bolstered by strategic monitoring, incident response, and threat intelligence – all of which accelerate investigation time to ultimately reduce your business’s risk.

  • Every second counts

    With CYREBRO’s SOC Platform already monitoring your network, the team has instant access, cutting the incident reaction time down from weeks or days, to hours or minutes.

  • Confidently rely on our expertise

    Rest assured that one of the top digital forensics teams with machine and network-level expertise has your back. They know exactly how to retrace an attacker’s actions, conduct in-depth investigations, and document evidence of an attack to protect businesses from legal and financial repercussions.

  • Robust security ecosystem that enhances monitoring

    Your business benefits from any CYREBRO investigation. Conclusions from any client’s investigation are utilized as hunting leads and fed back into the data lake, continuously improving the monitoring on your network.

Unrivaled experience and tools provide outstanding protection

CYREBRO’s forensic investigators use advanced tools and sophisticated methodologies to effectively contain threats by following a thorough process of identifying incidents, preserving and analyzing evidence, and reporting findings along with action-oriented steps to avoid future breaches. When every moment counts, CYREBRO delivers with impeccable speed and precision.

Empower your business with a complete SOC solution

Proactive Detection

Security Operations

Response Services

Empower your business with a complete SOC solution

Proactive Detection

Security Operations

Response Services

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How long does it take to perform a forensic investigation?

It takes between 20 minutes to 72 hours, depending on the end goal of the forensic investigation.

Why can I trust CYREBRO to handle a digital forensic investigation?

The CYRBERO digital forensic team has an extensive background in law enforcement and intelligence, and they know how to manage and handle evidence in the case of a legal issue.

Why would I need digital forensic investigation?

There are a number of scenarios in which you will want to utilize CYREBRO’s digital forensic investigation capability. If you have an incident and are obliged by law, you may need to present a forensics investigation report. If you deal with a fraud incident, you will want to investigate what happened. Without a thorough investigation, you won’t know how to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Experience how CYREBRO can work for you.