Easily See And Make Sense Of All Your Cybersecurity

CYREBRO integrates all your security tools and technology into one intelligent online platform, optimizing your security investment and transforming cybersecurity chaos into meaningful clarity.

The Operations Center

Operations Center

Take control of your cybersecurity operations. The Operations Center is your cybersecurity central command, combining collective vision and an intelligence cyber brain to analyze cross-function activity and identify sophisticated exploitation of systems and processes across an organization.

  • Real-time insight into your most critical incidents across all business operations and security solutions, at a glance
  • Full clarity across all investigations by type, severity, and status
  • Notification of incident escalation to complex case management by a CYREBRO DFIR

Investigations Drill-down

Investigation Drill Down

Always see and understand what’s going on in your network security, where you might be vulnerable, and the smart actions needed to protect your assets, with minimal disruption to business continuity

  • Full visibility into each investigation processed through CYREBRO – covering all your cybersecurity operations
  • Real-time drill-down view of any case to understand what happened, what was impacted, immediate risks, recommended actions, and status
  • Cross organization learning identifies trends and vulnerabilities about where most alerts are generated, and where attention should be focused for efficiency and pre-emptive actions
  • Prioritized missions – what to do, only when required, to remediate the threat

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Reporting Systems

Reporting Systems

Simple integration with all technology and security tools you are currently using or will decide to use in the future

  • Add or remove log sources directly in the Platform, whenever you want
  • See the real-time status of all your reporting log sources
  • Technology agnostic, meaning you choose the tools in your security stack that CYREBRO will monitor 24/7

Report Generator

Report Generator

Issue a monitoring report at the click of a button, based on the data and queries you want to see

  • Instantly generate a report (to save/share), including the most relevant data on investigations handled by CYREBRO during any defined time range
  • Simple to understand in plain English with charts showing how many investigations from each type were created
  • Drill-down of each event type, severity, and conclusion provides valuable insights into the most frequent and alarming cases
  • See and instantly share the number of cases per severity level, and how many investigations escalated during the reporting period