Transforming Cybersecurity Chaos Into Meaningful Clarity

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From Chaos to Clarity

You’ve invested in security solutions.

They’re all beeping alerts, but you can’t possibly see through all the chaos to know what is actually a risk to your business, and what you really need to do about it.

How CYREBRO can help:

  • Automatic integration with all systems & sources
  • Instant contextual analysis
  • Simple real-time recommendations

Proactive Detection

Security Operations

Response Services

Proactive Detection

Security Operations

Response Services

Threat Intelligence

Empower your business by having the smartest threat intelligence team on your side, working for you to track, analyze, and develop proactive tactics to respond to continuously evolving cybersecurity incidents.

Our threat intelligence team becomes yours by delivering in-depth and ongoing analysis to identify susceptibilities and neutralize threats before they even breach your environment.

Threat Hunting

With proactive threat hunting, your business is protected from unknown threats and anomalies that can cause irreparable damage.

CYREBRO proactively searches through your networks, endpoints, and databases to hunt down malicious, suspicious, or risky activities that have evaded existing security tools, giving you an added layer of advanced protection.

Strategic Monitoring

CYREBRO monitors all your business systems, collects and analyzes data, and interprets suspicious events with an attacker’s mindset. Security threats are managed in real-time, and analysts deliver a full understanding of how to remediate threats.


SIEM technology is a critical component of any robust cybersecurity operation, but it requires proper implementation and continuous maintenance to maximize effectiveness. CYREBRO takes the work off your hands by managing the entire SIEM optimization and tuning process, keeping it up-to-date.

CYREBRO constantly optimizes its SIEM technology based on emerging threats and evolving attacker behaviors, providing continuous, always up-to-date value.

Incident Response

Incident response is an integral part of CYREBRO’s holistic monitoring and proactive defense. The DFIR team is on your side to quickly eradicate threats posing a significant risk to your business, and prioritize fast recovery.

Fighting emerging cyber threats requires more than defensive actions.

Forensic Investigation

Reduce business risks by relying on a proactive security strategy that incorporates digital forensic investigation processes led by a team of experts.

If an attack occurs, it’s imperative to quickly isolate and eradicate the threat, and ensure it can’t happen again. CYREBRO’s digital Corporate forensic investigation capabilities are bolstered by strategic monitoring, incident response, and threat intelligence – all of which accelerate investigation time to ultimately reduce your business’s risk.

Protecting your Business is Too Critical to Black Box

  • CYREBRO for Micro & SMBs

    Finally, any size business can afford world class cybersecurity. Business owners understand exactly what is at risk and how to address it in order to protect assets and customers without unnecessarily disrupting business critical operations.

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  • CYREBRO for Enterprise

    Optimize Cybersecurity with or without owning your own SIEM through one simple, centralized platform. Technology agnostic and scalable, CYREBRO leverages your cybersecurity investments to always know what really needs attention, what’s working and what’s done.

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    Provide your clients with world-class Cybersecurity services leveraging a centralized, scalable platform. Save investing in building, growing and maintaining your own SOC and empower your customers with a fully technology agnostic and transparent online platform.

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