The Cybersecurity service that Fortune 500 companies rely on

Finally, any size business can afford world-class cybersecurity. Business owners understand exactly what’s at risk and how to protect assets and customers without unnecessarily disrupting business-critical operations.

  • Every 39 seconds

    a business is attacked by malicious hackers

  • $383,365 average cost

    of cyber attacks caused by compromised employee passwords

  • 43% of breaches

    43% of cyberattacks happen to SMBs while ransomware stays on the rise

  • 1 in 323

    small businesses are the targets of ransom attacks

Protecting your business and customers is too critical to black box

All you need, and more in one centralized platform


    Contextual visibility within and across all systems to accurately identify the earliest signs of suspicious activity in real-time


    Real-time tier 1-4 analyst response and mitigation ensures the highest protection with minimal impact on business continuity


    Continuous Indication of Compromise (IOC) based on granular contextual information and data mining tools provides highly accurate proactive alerts


    Proactively searching for cyber threats that are lurking undetected across all type of networks. Thoroughly searching  to find malicious actors in your environment that have slipped past your initial security defenses, identifying, assessing and improving detection capabilities


    Continuous development & learning of rules optimization, IOC updates, and new detection technologies maximize cyber security investments


    Ongoing investigation of suspected malicious activity and cyber threats including post-mortem analysis of verified incidents

From Chaos to Clarity

You’ve invested in security solutions.

They’re all beeping alerts, but you can’t possibly see through all the chaos to know what is actually a risk to your business, and what you really need to do about it.

How CYREBRO can help:

  • Automatic integration with all systems & sources
  • Instant contextual analysis
  • Simple real-time recommendation