How Can a Cloud-Based SOC Help You Detect Internal Threats?

Businesses worldwide are continuously at risk from external threats which are looking for a way in, be it by phishing or vulnerabilities. Once they enter your infrastructure or software, they can then use it to pivot and move into sensitive data, stealing it, or destroying it to obtain a profit.

Internal threats have increased rapidly in the last year.  In 2018, they had grown by 47 percent and, on average, cost a business (depending on size) 307,111 USD. In 2020, businesses sustained a loss of 11.45 million USD alone.

The range of vulnerabilities is extensive. Everything from disgruntled or careless employees and contractors to various external threats can all cause damage to your system, tamper with information, steal sensitive data and potentially jeopardize your organization by harming its credibility or attacking its clients. 

While an external threat actor will always try to gain access to systems, data, and other sensitive information, it is always the insider threat that has the upper hand in these compromised situations; it could be anyone at any given time, from top to bottom, without previous notice or showing any intentions for these actions.

A central command-managed SOC such as the one provided by CYREBRO relies on artificial intelligence to watch for security events using strategic monitoring so you can respond rapidly. 

Why Are Internal Threats Often More Dangerous Than External Threats?

Even with an in-house SOC, the constant need for tuning and reviewing alarms that end up being false positives can eventually turn into alarm fatigue and burnout. Often a SOC simply cannot keep up and miscommunications arise that can drain resources from a real internal cyber threat. 

To further complicate matters, most tools do not communicate with each other, creating inefficient data silos that have to be investigated one at a time, creating a needle in a haystack effect that oftentimes has terrible repercussions by accidentally tuning out what is actually a real threat.

All this, of course, applies to companies that do have a SOC in place to monitor the environment; when we look at the situation of Small and Medium-sized businesses, there may not be a SOC or Cybersecurity professional in place to identify the threat, let alone being able to take the necessary actions to stop it before it is too late.

In the long run, there is a large opening for an internal cybersecurity threat to occur (with or without a SOC in place)  without anyone knowing about it, potentially taking months or years for a full assessment to identify the true threat actor unless logs have rotated, data has been tampered with, and systems have been decommissioned or become damaged.

Detect, Mitigate and Control Cybersecurity Internal Threats With CYREBRO

There is a clearer path to assist you where it matters the most; through the CYREBRO cloud-based SOC Platform, you can integrate data from on-prem hosts and cloud solutions into a single platform.

CYREBRO helps to put all the gears in motion with a powerful AI-driven correlation engine. The AI helps you cut down the time used in tuning false positives, giving you what matters the most in real-time, information that you can rely on to assess accurately when an internal cyber threat occurs.

Through User Behavioral Analysis (UBA), the platform is constantly looking for users that have begun to show erratic behavior or are attempting to gain access to data or systems they should not have access to, allowing you to catch lateral movement before it becomes a real threat.

It all comes together with reliable information coming from reputable threat intelligence feeds as well as using active threat hunting to find vulnerabilities or weak spots in your infrastructure, helping you prevent fires before they have even started.

With these capabilities, CYREBRO’s SOC helps you close the large gap that exists in today’s cybersecurity platforms and tools, giving you the consistency you need to monitor, assess, identify, and mitigate any threats before they become an incident.

Even when an incident has happened and you are moving forward with an investigation, CYREBRO can help you put together a complete investigation through the use of state-of-the-art digital forensics capabilities, cutting down the time and money required to put together your own setup to perform actions that can be cumbersome and complicated.

Building a timeline before, during, and after an incident can be done through the reporting and alerting modules in CYREBRO’s SOC, giving you what you need to take the necessary actions during time-sensitive and critical investigations that would otherwise take weeks or months to come to fruition.

Final Thoughts on Securing Your Organization’s Assets

CYREBRO’s cloud-based SOC Platform can help you push the boundaries of your current visibility, reach, and understanding of your environment, making it a smart choice regardless of the size of your business or the industry you are working in as well as keeping you in line with all your compliance needs.

Putting a stop to internal and external threats that companies face today is possible and can be done today. Contact us to get a demo and see all CYREBRO’s capabilities and functionalities to secure your business, employees, and data.

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