The Role of Artificial intelligence (AI) in security operations center (SOC)

In the world of digital warfare, Artificial Intelligence is transforming the Security Operation Centers (SOC) to better respond to cybersecurity threats and attacks. Leveraging AI-Based security tools, such as CYREBRO’s SOC Platform, can provide integration features whereby you will be better able to detect and respond to cybercrimes without an in-house SOC team in place. 

For example, an AI-Based SOC Platform can:  

  • Scan the systems and based on results, it will guide you to take appropriate actions such as blocking suspicious emails or IP. 
  • In the event of penetration, AI alerts you so you can rapidly detect and investigate threats. CYREBRO’s AI-based SOC Platform can detect and identify cyber threats efficiently so you or your team can quickly deal with the problem before it grows.

Why is AI So Important for SMBs?

Do you not have a Security Operations Center (SOC)? Are you worried about cybersecurity? Here is some help. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a crucial role in bridging the skills gap and technology; unlocking a new partnership between security operations teams and their technology.

CYREBRO SOC Platform’s AI capabilities can help you analyze threats quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.  According to the 2020 State of Security Operations Report, security professionals working in SOCs worldwide are dissatisfied with traditional threat detection tools. Therefore, they are increasingly looking for Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to proactively safeguard the organizations’ IT infrastructure. This report’s findings demonstrate that more than 93% of respondents utilize ML and AI technologies to enhance their advanced threat detection capabilities.

Before AI, SOC analysts used to depend on time-consuming tools to gather data. The employees had to do a manual analysis and hard-working review of that data to convert it into information. However, you can avoid this situation and save time with modern AI security technologies such as the one presented by CYREBRO.

Behavior-Based AI Approach

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps security operations teams to identify threats accurately with integrated user behavioral analytics. Behavior-Based AI monitors all security activities and identifies deviations from normal behavior patterns to look for anomalies.

If you are using an AI-Based security solution, you can monitor endpoint behavior, network behavior, and user behavior. If malicious behavior is observed, AI will immediately raise alerts and notify security experts to identify adversaries lurking in the systems or/and network. 

Proactive Cybersecurity Defense with AI

Proactive cybersecurity prevents cyber-attacks from happening. Using this approach, your team can attempt to locate and address system and network vulnerabilities so hackers are not allowed to penetrate corporate endpoints and networks. An effectively designed AI SOC tool, such as CYREBRO’s SOC Platform, helps security professionals to proactively prevent cyber-attacks from happening. Consider it an extra line of defense in your security system. The CYREBRO’s SOC solution can collect a huge amount of data through Threat Intelligence Feeds (TIF) and then it can be used to perform proactive threat hunting. 

Artificial Intelligence: A Critical Force Multiplier in a SOC

Unfortunately, some organizations are seriously lacking cybersecurity resources, including cybersecurity skills and knowledge in a SOC. According to the research made by ISSA and ESG, there is no advancement in bridging the cybersecurity skills shortage gap. Cybersecurity Ventures also presents a glooming picture in this regard. They predict that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide by 2021.

Fortunately, The AI helps automate various routine tasks related to network traffic monitoring and log analysis. Doing so can effectively reduce the involvement of many people and help fill the cybersecurity skills gap. 

How Can CYREBRO’s AI Help Organizations Who Don’t Have a SOC?

When a time-consuming threat investigation and incident response process are done manually and without a SOC, it can take hours, days, weeks, or even months to complete successfully. On the contrary, CYREBRO’s SOC Platform, which is equipped with AI, can help companies save time and money, reduce false positives, address the cybersecurity skills shortage, and ensure a robust cybersecurity posture.

CYREBRO’s SOC Platform helps security professionals to:

  • Identify threats
  • Gather context
  • Enrich data
  • Build relationships and prioritize processes

CYREBRO SOC Platform can significantly reduce time. In this way, your team will have more time to research threats early in the investigation process. This process involves various tasks that CYREBRO’s AI can complete automatically in a fraction of the time.

The Bottom Line

CYREBRO AI-based SOC Platform is a game-changer for companies who don’t have Security Operation Centers (SOC). You don’t need to build a SOC and hire too many security professionals. Rather, CYREBRO’s SOC solution helps you gather data and do all the processing on its side. After that, it will send you recommendations and instructions on how to deal with the identified threats. With AI and ML, you can fill your corporate cybersecurity skills gap, reduce false positives, save time and money, automate various tasks, including threat investigation, threat hunting, and incident response process.

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