CYREBRO Launches Advanced Security Data Lake & Precision-Guided Detection Engine: Detect & Respond, Precisely.

Furthering the CYREBRO Mission 

Our mission at CYREBRO is to bring enterprise-level cybersecurity to businesses of all sizes and types, through our managed detection and response solution. We believe that all businesses should be able to see and understand their real-time security posture, with the power to know what it means, and what they need to do to mitigate cyber threats and reduce business risk.  

CYREBRO delivers threat detection and response capabilities to business through its global network of partnerships, who leverage CYREBRO’s multitenant infrastructure to deliver MDR to their clients.  

Key Challenge Facing MDR Providers 

There is a growing challenge that MDR providers face due to the combination of an ever-growing attack surface, the increasing volume of incoming data, and the complexity of systems. 

CYREBRO’s CTO, Ori Arbel, explains: “Today’s detection and response solutions take a wide-net approach as a reaction to the growing attack landscape, allowing a greater scope of coverage, but at a greater cost. Expanding a detection solution’s coverage raises a crucial challenge: maintaining precision. This translates into increased false positives and a reduction in accurately detecting real threats, forming a risky false sense of security.”  

The ever-growing landscape is showing no signs of slowing down or plateauing, increasing the need to monitor and protect every machine, device, and user, all of which generate an overwhelming amount of data for analysis. 

CYREBRO understood that as one of the largest multitenant MDR solutions, we need to have the inherent ability to effectively correlate endless log sources from endless data gateways, into a single data lake. 

The Journey to a New Infrastructure  

We wanted to go beyond the traditional SIEM. To cover the broadest scope of data, while maintaining precision and reducing the time to detect and respond to threats. We reviewed all major solutions in the market but weren’t satisfied with the limitations we observed. 

That’s why, over a year ago, CYREBRO embarked on a journey to solve this challenge. To design a new, bespoke, security data lake and detection engine with SIEM-like capabilities to adequately serve our growing partner and client base around the world. 

CYREBRO’s Solution: the MDR of the Future 

We are launching a proprietary, ML-powered infrastructure, which will be the new core of CYREBRO’s MDR. CYREBRO collaborated with Google Cloud to build a proprietary security data lake, delivering an advanced detection engine and SIEM-like capabilities. A major element of the engine is the application of AI and ML to the processes of ingestion, dramatically increasing detection precision and creating unified ingestion of data in a fraction of the time. 

The infrastructure will not only be able to ingest more data and security events than any MDR on the market, but can also normalize, correlate, prioritize, and deliver the highest level of precision detection, with focused attack stories and clear remediation steps and risk indications. It will be easier than ever to add and update log sources instantly within the platform, providing businesses with complete visibility across their security and IT landscape.  

CYREBRO is leading the way in a new direction, away from the classic SIEM approach which struggles with issues like data latency, especially for multitenant-based detection and response security solutions. This opens the door to a world of capabilities and features that we will embed within our solution.  

CYREBRO’s promise, and the key to our solution, is that we will never overload you with seemingly useless or actionless data that will overwhelm and provide no organizational or risk-reduction value. Our approach is simple: we show you what you need to know regarding the real-time status of your security investigations, with actionable steps to remediate, protect, and reduce risk.  

When You Say Big Data, We Say Google Cloud 

When designing the new infrastructure, some of the most critical criteria were the ability to scale, the capacity to manage infinite amounts of data, and native AI and ML applications. And when you think of the leader in big data, one name clearly comes to mind: Google. That’s why our team collaborated with Google Cloud. They shared our vision of creating the most advanced threat detection engine, capable of taking in and correlating more data than ever before. They are the leaders in big data analysis, and Google Cloud were on board with our goal and innovative approach. 

“Google Cloud is committed to providing advanced cloud technology and big data solutions to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape,” said Google Cloud Customer Engineer Manager Amit Einav. “This collaboration is a testament to the synergy between cloud computing and advanced machine learning, enabling CYREBRO to offer unparalleled threat detection and response capabilities to ensure businesses are protected with the most sophisticated tools available.” 

CYREBRO Users – Detecting & Responding, Precisely 

Detection and response are all about speed, precision, and adaptability, and that’s exactly what we focused on in our design.  CYREBRO partners and clients will benefit from innovative and robust security, reinforcing their defenses as well as providing exciting new features to streamline security operations and dive deeper into their investigations.  

Enhancing our capabilities with native AI, machine learning, and advanced big data analytics is not only enhancing our scope of coverage, but it gives our clients and partners unparalleled advantages.  

CYREBRO users and partners will benefit from the following as the infrastructure is rolled out:  

  • Reduced time to value (days to minutes) 
  • Reduction in false positives 
  • Unparalleled detection precision from natively applied AI and ML 
  • A smooth, fast, predictable onboarding process 
  • Improved operational visibility 
  • Ability to easily scale without interruption 
  • Data lake access with sophisticated querying 
  • Custom reporting 
  • Additional platform features and add-ons 

CYREBRO is committed to leading the way in the evolution of MDR solutions, and is proud of the launch of our new MDR infrastructure, built in collaboration with Google Cloud. Maintaining the highest standards for detection and response while continuing to innovate is core to CYREBRO’s mission as an MDR provider. The new infrastructure brings precision in detection to a new level, while continuing to provide businesses with a real-time understanding of their security posture, visibility across siloed tools, and actionable steps to mitigate the risk of cyber threats. 

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