We Are CYREBRO and This Is How We Are Revolutionizing Cybersecurity Operations

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When we first established our company, our goal was clear. We were on a mission to provide strategic support to Fortune 500 companies by helping them optimize their cybersecurity posture.

Our way to do this was to leverage our team’s real-world experiences and deep domain expertise in cyber-forensics investigations, IR, and ethical hacking to provide the monitoring services that were sorely lacking in the industry. Naturally, we took that expertise and started the CYREBRO journey by examining Fortune 500 companies through Hacking Simulations and Cyber Readiness Assessments.

After hundreds of such engagements, we realized that this was not enough. Organizations did not need a service for red team hacking or Evaluation Assessments alone.

Rather, what they needed was a more comprehensive approach that would provide the full scope of services that are delivered by a Security Operations Center (SOC), including monitoring, threat hunting, response, compliance, and more; and that this approach would be cloud-based for seamless and effortless accessibility.

Focusing on SMB Cybersecurity Need

We then combined this understanding with an awareness of the fact that nearly half of all cyberattacks target the very businesses that typically don’t think they need to protect themselves nor have the resources to do so – that is, small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

As a result, we expanded our mission to also come to the aid of SMBs, in addition to continuing our support for large organizations.

This is because we believe that the critical benefits of comprehensive SOC services should not be available only to big enterprises that have big budgets and in-house security expertise.

On the contrary, there is still the other 70% of organizations whose security needs are just as great and should not be left out of the cyber-protection playing field due to their budget constraints and lack of expertise.

SMBs deserve to benefit from the skillset and capabilities of a full-fledged SOC, just as any other large enterprise does.

Not Just Any SOC

It’s not just any SOC that will do. As noted earlier, we knew that what organizations need, in particular SMBs, is to have access to a SOC as a service, which is the only way to assure cybersecurity that is powerful and accessible, yet cost-efficient.

This is crucial because the business of fully and accurately understanding the scope of cyber threats is complex and expensive. Furthermore, SMBs are pre-invested in a wide array of security solutions already, including anti-virus, firewall, endpoint protection, and so on. All of these systems send alerts to potential threats, can end up being hundreds on a daily basis and can translate into a million logs each day.

Going through all of these alerts manually to determine which threats are real and meaningful and what can and should actually be done about them, is impossible. Moreover, storing all these logs is entirely cost-prohibitive.

This is why the answer to the SMB cybersecurity challenge is a cloud-based solution for SOC as a service – that is, enabling a platform that comes with automation and intelligence to do the heavy cybersecurity lifting, and that can – nevertheless – allow for reigning in costs.

On a Mission to Empower

With this understanding in mind, we created CYREBRO, the first cloud-based platform for delivering SOC as a service. It is the first platform to address the full scope of cybersecurity needs in the most effectivepowerful, and cost-efficient way.

With this new goal well within sight and a well-honed plan for execution in hand, we pulled together our team of cybersecurity experts who had served in elite intelligence units in the Israeli army. Among this team are seasoned white hat and red hackers, defenders, and state-level investigators.

Having come from the offense means that we have the know-how and strategic toolset for delivering the best security defense to our customers.

As such, this team of cybersecurity masters had applied their collective experience in monitoring, deep forensic and post-mortem investigations, advanced hacking simulations, and hands-on cyber assessments to create CYREBRO.

And this is how it was done.

The Journey to CYREBRO

First, the team developed a platform with the capabilities that the industry was desperately seeking – accelerating detection and response while covering the full scope of security services including monitoring, threat hunting, response, and compliance.

To enable organizations to optimize security processes, scale, and implement any new technology or tool, the team made sure that this platform would be technology-agnostic.

Being so means that the platform is compatible with any of the organization’s existing or future security tools and that users can develop solutions and processes that are based on their own specific needs and priorities.

We took this technology-agnostic and comprehensive platform to the cloud, making the cutting-edge cybersecurity services that it provides accessible and affordable. This was performed in order to enable our Fortune 500 companies to continue to enjoy the benefits of a cutting-edge centralized, and intuitive SOC, but to also enable any other company to benefit from CYREBRO as well, regardless of its size, cyber skillset, or budget.

With CYREBRO, any user in any organization can now be aware of security events as they happen and understand the implications of each and what actions need to be taken – without all the time-consuming and expertise-requiring analysis.

By putting the power of a full-fledged SOC in their hands, we enable them to impact the organization’s security operations and to profoundly optimize its cybersecurity posture.

And this is how we are revolutionizing the way organizations manage their cybersecurity operations.

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