Why Being Technology Agnostic Is So Critical for Maximizing Cybersecurity

The Complex Web of Solutions

Protecting your company against cyberattacks can require using up to dozens of different systems and solutions.This is because there are so many different vectors that require protection, including servers, endpoints, the network, exposed services, cloud-based applications, emails, and many more.

In fact, to ensure protection most small-to-medium-sized organizations will have anywhere from at least six and up to twenty different cybersecurity solutions in place, with some sources noting that CIOs on average buy 15 or more different security products.  And with cybercrime projected to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021, it’s no surprise that organizations are arming themselves with a big a shield as they possibly can.

A Big Obstacle on the Path to Resilience

With more and more solutions coming out all the time to combat both well-known and new sophisticated threats, and with such a fragmented ecosystem, the path to cybersecurity success is strewn with many different obstacles.

One of the main obstacles is how to best utilize existing cybersecurity systems for maximized detection and response regardless of the technological platform or the security vendors that exist at the core of the organization.

Since there are dozens of security categories and hundreds of different options, and since no single technology is an all-answer for cybersecurity risk mitigation, it can be difficult, if not impossible to have the skills and knowledge in-house to maximize utilization and protection.

The Value of Being Technology-Agnostic

This is where engaging with an external service provider, such as SOC as a service, often comes into play.

But with the benefits this brings, there is an additional and formidable challenge that may arise.

Namely, since most SOC service providers started off as solution vendors, they don’t tend to bring the skillset required for handling all the different systems out there, and which are likely deployed in your organization.

Moreover, the skillset that they do bring is usually locked into either their own products or a very narrow set of solutions, whether SIEM, firewall, or web proxy, among others. When it comes to bringing in the big guns to help fight cybercrime, at the end of the day – it’s not actually about specific guns.That is, what’s important is not exclusively which technologies and solutions are in place. Rather, the key is to have an approach to these technologies and solutions that is technology agnostic. By technology agnostic, we mean that security operations should not be limited to a particular solution, technology, or vendor. It means that whoever manages your security operations, they will work with anything and be limited by nothing. And the benefits of this approach are many, including effectiveness, cost efficiency, and – of course – scale and agility.

The Risk of Not Being Technology-Agnostic

But, when companies don’t go the agnostic route, they are usually forced to make sub-optimal decisions that ultimately put the company at risk by increasing exposure and the chances that a cyberattack will be successful.


  • Issues remain unsolved, where security processes are forced to fit the application or software that drives them instead of being able to leverage software to solve security process issues.
  • Inefficiencies cannot be remedied, where security practices are maintained (even if they need to be replaced or changed) since they cannot be accommodated by the systems that run them.
  • Innovation is inhibited since systems that are defined for a specific activity typically don’t have the flexibility to accommodate the new capabilities required to modernize.
  • There is vendor lock-in when solutions from specific vendors do not interoperate with other related solutions. This prohibits the acquisition of new and better solutions for related issues when needed.

Why CYREBRO is Technology-Agnostic & What it Means For You

This is why CYREBRO was designed to be technology agnostic.

By doing so, we enable you to leverage your existing security investment and to maximize your cybersecurity infrastructure regardless of which systems and solutions you have in place. There is no need to forklift, there is no need to reinvest.

We understand that over recent years, a plethora of new technologies, platforms, and solutions have come to market. This makes for a fragmented and challenging operation to manage, but one which must nevertheless be tamed if you are to be effective – and cost-efficient – with your organization’s cybersecurity.

Being technology-agnostic is the only way to overcome the challenge and bridge the technology silos of your cybersecurity ecosystem.

There is no other way to aggregate all the relevant data and provide the insights that drive fast and meaningful decisions that bolster a company’s security posture.

Through this approach you can:

  • Focus on the big picture and formulate the right strategy without being bound to any one technology
  • Develop solutions that are driven by priorities rather than solution vendors
  • Be as tech-forward or backward-compatible as needed

To learn more about how CYREBRO can help your organization improve its security posture with a technology-agnostic platform that delivers clarity, simplicity, intelligence, and cost-efficiency, visit our website.

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