CISO Series Podcast Featuring CYREBRO’s CTO, Ori Arbel – What’s Next in Security?

In this episode of CISO Series, we CYREBRO’s CTO, Ori Arbel, discussing the latest cybersecurity trends with the show hosts, cybersecurity journalist, David Spark, and veteran CISO, Andy Ellis. From the start of COVID and the cloud migration rush that followed, to practical tips to help improve incident response planning, the group discusses how to take on these challenges, as well as other trends they are seeing take form in 2022.  

One trend they address is how the cloud, as the new playground to implement and maintain, has taken center stage (also discussed in CYREBRO’s blog post about the danger in rushing into the cloud) .Needless to say, companies that were cloud-native had a leg up on everyone else coming into the pandemic and remote work. The question then arises, for those companies who are not cloud-native, where should their cloud security need to mature first? They go on to provide some critical cloud maturity tips as they poke fun at most “security trends in 2022” lists saying they all differ from one another. They continue to mention the top five uncontested cybersecurity trends and reveal what they believe will be most organizations’ cybersecurity “Achilles heel”.  

Speaking of Achilles heel, security awareness is a topic that should not be missed when debating how to establish good cybersecurity hygiene. In the episode, when debating whether security awareness training should begin with training or a phishing simulation, you can imagine how the two sides of the argument, both contributing some valid and concrete points, believe their system will produce the best results, but Ori makes some strong points for testing first, specifically that by testing, you know what you need to teach.  

And in the “Please enough, no more” segment, David introduces a topic that surprisingly has never been discussed on the podcast before, the SOC. David asked Ori and Andy what they “have heard enough about with regards to the SOC, and what would they like to hear a lot more of?” Andy explains that he has heard enough of the SOC recruiting challenge, and explains that training and development should happen in the SOC. Additionally, he explains that vendors are afraid of false negatives leading to attacks, so they overwhelm clients with alerts in order to shift liability.  

Ori explains that CYREBRO is solving that problem by refining alerts that are coming in, and making it crystal clear for the user to get to the point, without being overwhelmed with alerts that are overcomplicated and without context. He also explains that he has heard enough of buzz words, and wants to know how these buzz words are really used in the SOC.  

In addition, they go over the “5 suggested areas for improving your incident response planning”. They discuss different areas of focus, such as becoming familiar with your cyber insurance carrier’s breach processes, and understanding the relevant breach notification guidelines and regulations. Ori suggests a sixth crucial area that is often overlooked in incident response: defining roles and responsibilities.  

Want to listen to the entire episode? You can find it here: CISO Series podcast 



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