Taking Visibility to a New Level CYREBRO SOC Platform 2.0


Our mission at CYREBRO is to bring state-level cybersecurity to businesses of all sizes and types. We believe that all businesses should always see and understand their cybersecurity with clarity, and have the means and capabilities to mitigate cyber threats against their business.

That’s why we are launching a new version of our SOC Platform. In this new version we are refining what a SOC Platform should be and the standards it should be held to by adding value for users in the form of increased visibility, interactivity, direct SOC communication, depth of information available, and enhanced user experience.

TL;DR: We’re giving users more…

More Visibility Across Your Entire Organization

In order to deal with today’s most common challenge of insufficient visibility, we created the Operations Center, the central command of the SOC Platform. The Operations Center provides a high-level overview of your real-time security posture and status, where users can interact with the various widgets, showing them the real-time and historical status of all their investigations.

The Operations Center is meant to provide value to different types of users, whether it’s an IT or security manager, or a CISO. The operational data shows more frequent users the investigations and information that requires their immediate attention and action. There is also information geared towards making strategic decisions based on an understanding of organizational risk and common attacker tactics, based on the MITRE ATT&CK tactics.

Operations Center

More Centralized Data

When working in the fast-paced and complex world of continuous threats and vulnerabilities, it’s crucial that organizations maintain structure while keeping data in a central location. It was important for us to find a way to make investigation data even more accessible and centralized to eliminate the challenges faced with disorganized, scattered data.

Data centralization enables quick and efficient work, and users can take advantage of new features such as “Threat Communications,” which maintains all user communication with the CYREBRO SOC in a single location, allowing easy filtering and search capabilities.

More Depth into Your Investigations

A major focus in this Platform upgrade was providing users with an even deeper dive into their investigations. Perhaps one of the most exciting and valuable features that provides a granular in-depth look into an investigation is the “Indicator Analysis”.

Through this feature, every attribute in the investigation is analyzed, compared with countless external and internal knowledge sources, and highlights the suspicious attributes for further review and self-analysis. This process is an automated function that saves an incalculable number of hours of work and reveals even the smallest potential threat. Now, users can see all this information in mere seconds.

Better UX and Simplicity

We put emphasis on user experience in this release. For example, the Operations Center widgets are now customizable and can be arranged based on the user’s preference. In other areas, like the investigation details page, the investigation summary has been reorganized in a more digestible format that’s easier to navigate. Communication for each investigation is consolidated in a single area, so users can easily read an entire thread and find SOC responses.

Leading the Evolution of SOC Platforms

Years after bringing the first SOC Platform to the market, we are taking the next significant steps to define the value that a SOC Platform should deliver to its users. This new version is raising the bar of what users should expect from their SOC Platform, and we plan to continuously listen to what organizations need in order to deliver a best-in-class solution to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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