The Functionality of a SOC in a Red Team vs. Blue Team Exercise

Cybersecurity is a critical component of every business around the world, regardless of size or industry, with the SOC being a key component during the detection and incident response phase.

Red Team vs. Blue Team Cybersecurity in a Nutshell

The Blue Team stands at the core of Cybersecurity. The foundational elements established in the Blue Team Handbook explain how a SOC, a SIEM, and Threat Hunting are the golden elements that can put your business in the right way to achieve maturity in your security posture. The Red Team acts as an offensive. Companies regularly perform this drill to see which one will win – the red team or the blue team.


When putting together a red team vs. blue team cybersecurity simulation exercise, a SOC is typically at the forefront of such activities, but what if you don’t have a SOC? 

Some small to medium-sized businesses lack functioning SOC. Luckily, you have options to keep your business safe without a physical SOC.

CYREBRO is one key tool to staying informed and safe from cyber threats. Its tools and knowledge will be at the forefront of ensuring your data and business remain in operation, and malicious actors are stopped before achieving their objective.

The Truth Behind Putting Together Your Information Security Department

There is a significant consideration to make when looking at the general cost of implementation, including certifications, your team’s training, and the tools required for monitoring and security that are far and many across the industry. Also, finding the right people is not always possible.

Numbers do not lie; in 2020, it was reported that even though more Cybersecurity professionals had helped close the knowledge gap, there is still a shortage, registered by the ISC2 from their inquiries worldwide, of about 3 million Cybersecurity professionals.

Staying Protected From a Cyber Attack

How can a business looking to align with the requirements of a rapidly changing world achieve its goal of being protected and able to respond to a cyberattack when needed?

Years of experience and a deep understanding of the requirements of businesses around the world led us to the creation of a solution to assist IT Teams around the world with their cybersecurity needs through the integration of logs and data from all of your hosts and platforms, including SaaS Solutions, into a single location for normalization, processing, and correlation to bring in a result that makes sense to the team in charge of protecting your business in the digital world.

CYREBRO for Businesses 

CYREBRO acts as a valuable tool for small, medium, and large enterprise-level businesses. 

A technology-agnostic platform that seamlessly puts everything together in one place and translates the data into easy-to-understand alerts is a definite necessity for most businesses. CYREBRO helps you make sense of what is happening in your business and provides you with valuable information that can enable them to perform a rapid call to action when needed.

Contact us to learn more and receive a free demo to see how CYREBRO’s cloud-based SOC platform can help you leap forward into the world of Cybersecurity.

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