Nadav Arbel of CYREBRO Named Finalist for Top 10 Cybersecurity Expert for 2021 by Cyber Defense Magazine

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL — AUGUST 2, 2021 – CYREBRO, the only interactive SOC platform solution for SMBs, today announced that CEO and co-founder Nadav Arbel has been named a Finalist in the Top 10 Cybersecurity Experts for 2021 category at the Black Unicorn Awards for 2021 which take place annually at the Black Hat USA conference. Nadav is competing against many of the industry’s leading cybersecurity experts for this prestigious award.

In recent years, Nadav has established CYREBRO as the only company providing clients with the first-of-its-kind solution that integrates all security functions with 24/7/365 strategic monitoring, proactive threat intelligence, forensic investigation, and much more on a centralized interactive cloud-based platform. CYREBRO is technology agnostic and utilizes its proprietary detection algorithms to strategically/proactively monitor, analyze and interpret consequences of events across all security solutions and business environments on one centralized security operations platform.

This is especially helpful as more companies migrate applications and data to the cloud in response to demand for remote work, and virtualize everything outside of the confines of a controlled corporate network. CYREBRO’s central vision allows its users to manage their security risks with confidence, while understanding exactly what’s going on, and what to do about it at all times. Its AI integration allows the administrator to focus more closely on incident response.

Built around Nadav’s two decades of deep cybersecurity expertise, CYREBRO is a mature SOC platform that’s helping organizations improve their security infrastructure. CYREBRO’s customer base is rapidly growing in the SMB market, as it addresses the un-met need for SOC as a platform that’s easy to implement and cost effective. It also has enterprise customers ranging from international financial institutions, technology development companies, national power and gas infrastructures, private offices, hedge funds and more. It’s a flexibile, comprehensive, and intelligent platform for any organization.

“The evolution of operating cybersecurity has reached the next step, and CYREBRO is pioneering the SOC as a platform market,” said Dana Aroch-Soffer, CMO at CYREBRO. “Nadav being named a finalist for this prestigious award is further validation of the work he and our team are doing to empower CYREBRO’s customers to make clear sense of their cybersecurity and gain better security posture, all while offering this top-tier level of a security solution to the SMB market.”

“We’re pleased to name Nadav as a Finalist for the Top 10 Cybersecurity Expert for 2021 among a small, elite group of information security professionals in our third annual Black Unicorn awards,” said Judges Robert R. Ackerman Jr. of, David DeWalt of, Dr. Peter Stephenson of Cyber Defense Labs and Gary Miliefsky of


CYREBRO is transforming how today’s businesses respond to and mitigate cyber threats, with a first-of-its-kind online managed interactive SOC that removes the extra step of logging into multiple programs. The platform provides complete clarity, insight, and real-time cyber recommendations for businesses of all sizes by integrating all of their security events into one central command. CYREBRO secures users through its 24/7/365 strategic monitoring, proactive threat intelligence, forensic investigation, incident response, and optimization that is agnostic to any technology.

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This is Cyber Defense Magazine’s 9th year of honoring cybersecurity innovators, in this case the Black Unicorn Awards for 2021 on our Cyber Defense Awards platform. In this competition, judges for these prestigious awards includes cybersecurity industry veterans, trailblazers and market makers Gary Miliefsky of CDMG, Dr. Peter Stephenson of CDMG, Robert R. Ackerman Jr. of Allegis Cyber and David DeWalt of NightDragon with much appreciation to emeritus judge Robert Herjavec of Herjavec Group.  To see the complete list of finalists for the Black Unicorn Awards for 2021 please visit

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