2022 Attack Vector Landscape Analysis

Over the past year, CYREBRO collected and reviewed the data from over 1 million computer entities connected to its platform, and analyzed the events, alerts, and investigations that came in from organizations across a wide range of sectors.

This report details this attack vector landscape analysis and provides readers with insights that can help inform their cybersecurity strategy in 2022 and beyond. Learn about the key findings from CYREBRO’s analysis to best prepare your business with a proactive approach to the ever-changing threat landscape.

In this report you’ll find:

  • Overview of the top threat vectors
  • Insights about increasing attack attempts on SMBs
  • Best practices based on the MITRE Attack Framework
  • A deep dive into CYREBRO investigation

2022 Attack Vector Landscape

  • 81%

    of phishing attacks were on SMBs

  • 25%

    of attacks are on software and IT companies

  • #1

    threat vector in was vulnerability exploitation