2022 Fraud and Email Compromise Investigation Analysis

Fraud is an age-old concept, but your defenses don’t have to be. After analyzing numerous incident response (IR) reports, CYREBRO determined the most common pitfalls that lead to a successful fraud incident.

Fraud tactics and techniques have evolved from low-effort mass spam tactics to social engineering, spear phishing, and sophisticated time-consuming scams.

When scams occur right underneath your nose, or rather right in front of you in your email account, it’s best to be familiar with both the signs that could reveal fraudulent behavior and the steps fraudsters take when attacking.

Download your copy to learn:

  • Recommended ways to prevent a fraud attack
  • The steps fraudsters take when acting
  • How a fraud attack timeline is carried out
  • How mailbox rules and typo-squatting are used by attackers

How serious is fraud really?

  • 1%

    of internet traffic is malicious, with upward of 1 trillion phishing emails annually

  • 37%

    of all losses last year were business email compromise related

  • $4.2

    billion lost in 2020 to fraud and internet scams