Cyber Insurance Coverage Checklist

Recently, the cyber insurance landscape experienced significant changes.
Previously, attaining a cyber insurance policy demanded as little as an antivirus and a computer.
Today it’s become much more difficult; premiums have risen, policy standards are tougher, and getting insured requires a list of tools and demands.

Cyber insurance, no matter how you look at it, changed out of necessity. Cyber-attacks are succeeding at stealing funds and sensitive information, and ransomware has never been more prevalent.

For these reasons, it’s better to come prepared when searching for cyber insurance, so you know what cyber insurers expect

Get your copy of the checklist to learn:

  • What solutions do most insurers require?
  • Why are policies getting tougher?
  • How can you benefit from different solutions?
  • How are organizations reacting to these changes?

How critical is it to have cyber insurance?

  • 37%

    of SMBs have reported suffering a ransomware attack in the last year

  • 81%

    growth in cyber insurance adoption in 10 years

  • $4.35M

    is the global average cost of a breach