How to Build a SOC: A Complete Guide

Building a SOC is no small feat. A company should be ready to invest extensive resources into the technology and personnel needed to get a SOC up and running, plan long-term to maintain and optimize tools and systems, and provide regular training for SOC analysts. Before you embark down this path, we recommend learning what it really takes to build and maintain a SOC.

This guide was created to provide you with the steps and requirements to build a SOC. It details everything you need to know to set up a robust SOC infrastructure, as well as cost-effective alternatives to an in-house SOC that don’t compromise on quality and expertise.

In this guide you’ll learn about:

  • Benefits of having a SOC infrastructure
  • Challenges you’ll face in setting up a SOC
  • SOC core functions and implementation
  • Alternatives to an in-house SOC infrastructure

Why is a SOC infrastructure important?

  • $2.46M

    total cost gap for organizations with IR capabilities vs no IR capabilities

  • 80%

    of organizations believe SOCs are essential to a strong security posture

  • 68%

    of business leaders feel cybersecurity risks are increasing