Incident Response Analysis Report

If you think your company has complete network and endpoint visibility, it’s time to think again. 

After analyzing numerous internal incident response (IR) reports, CYREBRO discovered a shocking statistic: 75% of reported security incidents were caused by inadequate investment in security solutions that caused blind spots in network visibility. Given that a single, minor blind spot can put your business at risk, ensuring that you achieve 100% visibility is critical. 

Cybersecurity tools on their own aren’t enough. It takes the right combination of tools and security practices, all working in unison, to provide the visibility businesses need to identify, respond to, and prevent future attacks. 

Download your copy of our Incident Response Analysis Report to learn: 

  • Why visibility is crucial and how it empowers analysts to identify and stop attacks 
  • The three leading causes of high-impact attacks 
  • The tools and solutions you need to achieve visibility

Why is a SOC infrastructure important?

  • $5.24M

    average cost of a breach when remote work is involved

  • 78%

    of incidents occurred due to missing antimalware or EDR solution

  • 64%

    of incidents resulted from web accessible and unfiltered critical ports and services