Maximize Your Existing Systems to Harden Your Security Posture

Maintaining a strong, active cybersecurity defense and offense is an ongoing challenge for any business, regardless of the size. The good news is that most businesses can harden their security posture by maximizing and optimizing the tools they already have in place.

In this on-demand webinar, Ori Arbel, CTO at CYREBRO, and Yossi Sassi, Chief Security Architect at 10Root Cyber Security, infosec researcher, and hacker explain four of the best ways to harden your business’s security posture by maximizing the tools you’re already using.

You’ll hear tips and best practices from cybersecurity experts:

  • Determine your security needs & what you need to protect​
  • “Less is more” when it comes to security tools​
  • Are your systems & tools doing what they’re supposed to?​
  • How to create a centralized vision