The 6 Critical Capabilities of a Complete SOC Solution

A SOC solution is an ideal way for businesses to maintain proper protection and response against cyberattacks, especially before they occur. Understanding how a SOC works and what capabilities it should have can drastically help you in selecting the right one for your business.

In this guide you will find out why every SOC should be equipped with:

  • Strategic monitoring to identify, detect, and respond to threats in real-time
  • SIEM optimization to stay ahead of emerging and evolving threats
  • Incident response to quickly eradicate threats
  • Forensic investigation to minimize the impact of attacks and reduce business risk
  • Threat intelligence to develop proactive cybersecurity tactics
  • Threat hunting to uncover complex and hidden threats in your network

Why is a SOC necessary?

  • $2.46M

    total cost gap for organizations with IR capabilities vs no IR capabilities

  • 80%

    of organizations believe SOCs are essential to a strong security posture

  • 68%

    of business leaders feel cybersecurity risks increasing